Erik Godinez
Third Year Graduate Student

Erik Godinez is a third year graduate student and completed his undergraduate degree at California State University, Sacramento. His research interests include performance feedback, systems analysis, verbal behavior, and environmental sustainability.  In his free time, he enjoys playing disc golf, listening to music, and watching soccer.

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Makenna Mason
Second Year Graduate Student

Makenna Mason is a second year graduate student who graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology in spring 2019. After she receives her degree, she plans on becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. When she is not working as a Behavior Interventionist with children who have Autism, Makenna enjoys hanging out with friends and cooking. 


Lea Jones
Second Year Graduate Student

Lea Jones graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from California State University Sacramento in 2019. She has previously worked as an RBT with children with autism spectrum disorder and plans on pursuing BCBA certification after graduation. Her research interests include performance feedback, systems analysis and staff training. In her free time, she powerlifts, likes to play video game, and care for all kinds of animals. 

Allan Bernard-Pantin
First Year Graduate Student

Allan Bernard-Pantin graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration in spring 2020.  He also spent two years doing undergraduate research in UF's Organizational Behavior Management and Attitudes and Political Cognition labs.  Allan's research interests are in applications of non-monetary reinforcements in nonprofit environments, behavior-based safety, and the effects of group hierarchies on intervention potency.  After graduating, they plan to earn their BCBA certification and pursue a PhD.  In their free time, Allan enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and reading non-fiction.

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Lyriq Yang
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lyriq Yang is a Senior who will graduate in the Fall of 2021 with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology within California State University, Sacramento. She plans to obtain her certificate in Behavior Analysis alongside her pursuit of her BA. She is a current RBT who provides meaningful 1:1 services with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She strives to serve children with cognitive and/or learning disabilities, and is on the path of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Sydney Burlison
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sydney Burlison is currently a Senior at Sacramento State University and will graduate Spring 2022 with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has been in the ABA field for two years now providing therapy for adolescents and training incoming technicians. She strives to get into the ABA Master’s program and become a BCBA, working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In her free time, you can find her out in nature exploring the undiscovered. 

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Dr. Joshua Bensemann
Research Collaborator

Dr. Joshua Bensemann completed his PhD (Psychology) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His doctoral research investigated both traditional and modern theories of learning via positive reinforcement using a combination of mathematical models, experimentation, and computer simulations. He is currently interested in applying methods from machine learning to behavioral psychology in an attempt to detect behavioral patterns.


Deborah Richardson


Deborah's interest in ABA started in the summer of 2018, when she attended her first ABA course. Deborah’s goal is to obtain her certification in behavior analysis and continue to the graduate program. When Deborah is not focusing on school, she is either spending quality time with family and friends, or creating handmade jewelry.


Savannah Velazquez 

Savannah graduated Fall of 2019 with her BA in Psychology. She got into the field of ABA as an RBT when she was in junior college and have been invested ever since. She hopes to enter in the graduate program and obtain her BCBA credentials and continue working with children on the autism spectrum. Her hobbies include going to new restaurants and discovering new foods, painting, and she has recently taken up yoga. 

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Mia Sapiandante

Mia graduated Spring of 2020 with her BA in Psychology. While completing the CSUS ABA certificate, she found her new love of Aba! She hopes to enter a graduate program for ABA to further her knowledge of the field. Her hobbies include hiking, playing soccer, and reality television.